Electronic Equipment Borrowing Guidelines

 Electronic Equipment Loan Provisions (for all items):


  • Only RRCC students may borrow library electronic equipment. Faculty and staff who need electronic equipment for short term use should contact RRCC IT for checkout procedures.
  • All borrowed equipment is legally owned by Red Rocks Community College and ownership has not been transferred.
  • No items may be renewed. Fines will be assessed according to the schedule included in the Borrower Agreement and are based on the type of equipment borrowed.
  • Students whose library account is blocked due to past due balances owed the college, fines, or overdue items may not check out equipment or other library items.
  • Students must sign the RRCC Library Electronic Equipment Borrower Agreement and are fully responsible for all borrowed items.
  • Borrowers should ensure all equipment is in good working order and that all parts they are responsible for are included, before leaving the library.
  • Borrowers should immediately return equipment which becomes faulty during the time checked out.
  • Borrowers must return all equipment in the same condition as when received.
  • Borrowers must provide all consumable items such as batteries, memory cards, tapes, etc.
  • Equipment must be returned to a RRCC Library staff member who will complete a check-in process.
  • Borrowers are responsible for paying the amount shown in the RRCC Library Electronic Equipment Borrower Agreement for any items not returned or equipment returned which is damaged beyond repair. Borrowers are further responsible for paying the repair cost (not to exceed the amount shown as non-return cost) of any equipment needing repair.
  • Non-return costs may not be the actual cost of replacing the identical item. Non-return costs approximate the cost of a new item in the same quality range as the item not returned or damaged beyond repair, plus an administrative allowance.

Laptop/iPad Additional Provisions:

  • Library laptops and iPads are only available for RRCC students. Faculty and staff who need a laptop or iPad for short term use should contact RRCC IT for assistance.
  • The software configuration provided on the device may not be altered, added to, removed, or otherwise changed, including adding to or changing the administrator log in.
  • No personally owned software or apps may be installed on the borrowed equipment.
  • No files or other information may be saved on the hard drive of the device. Any files saved on the hard drive are subject to destruction. RRCC Library suggests the use of a “flash drive” or other removable media or a “cloud” server such as Google Drive to save files. The RRCC Library is not responsible for any items saved to the hard drive on these devices. Borrowers should note hard drives are periodically erased and/or reformatted.
  • Students may not illegally acquire any copyrighted materials such as music, movies, software, etc while using this device. The student borrower is solely responsible for any illegal action completed using the borrowed equipment.
  • RRCC reserves the right to review any information on these devices at any time.
  • RRCC also reserves the right to revoke borrowing privileges at any time without warning, for any reason, including careless handling of equipment or repeated
  • instances of late return. Unattended equipment is considered careless handling and borrowing privileges will be revoked.

General Care Instructions for Laptops, Tablets, and iPads:

  • Screens should only be cleaned with a clean, soft cloth. Chemical cleaners or liquids, including water, should not be used on or near laptops, tablets, or iPads.
  • Charging cables/cords should be inserted and removed carefully to prevent damage. The charging cord should be plugged into the wall outlet before connection to the laptop, tablet, or iPad. When disconnecting, remove the cable from the device before pulling the plug from the wall outlet.
  • Electronic equipment should be stored in the provided protective case away from heat, water, and other damaging elements.
  • Other items should never be stacked on top of electronic devices.
  • Liquids, food, and other debris can damage electronic devices.  Best practice is not to eat or drink around an electronic device.
  • Electronic devices may be damaged by extreme temperatures. Do not leave the assigned electronic equipment in a car or other area that may fall below freezing or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If your electronic device feels cold or hot to the touch, it should be allowed to acclimate and either warm up or cool down to room temperature before use.

Data Protection:

  • The assigned electronic equipment may only be used by the Borrower. You are responsible for any usage by anyone else. Do not loan your borrowed electronic device to anyone else.
  • Work should be saved ONLY on a flash drive, cloud server or other student controlled method and not locally on the individual device. RRCC Library does not recommend the use of flash drives or other removable disks to save confidential information. Because it is portable, a laptop functions as a removable drive.

Security and Theft Prevention:

  • Passwords and log in information should not be shared with anyone.
  • The Borrower is responsible for the physical security of the assigned electronic device at all times. Do not leave your assigned electronic device unattended. When not in your direct care, the assigned electronic device should be locked and secured out of sight. Leaving your borrowed electronic device unattended may result in revocation of borrowing privileges.
  • Thefts or losses must be reported to the RRCC Library immediately. You may be asked to provide a police report, personal statement, and other relevant support. You will be charged the cost shown in the schedule for the item that was lost or stolen.
  • Damage should be reported to the RRCC Library within 3 business days. You may be charged the cost of repairing the device or the charge for replacing the device shown in the schedule.
  • Borrowers are not charged for routine wear and tear of the assigned electronic items in their care.
  • All items have RRCC Equipment Inventory tags in addition to serial number and other documentation on the items. You are responsible for ensuring those tags remain attached, intact, and readable. If the tags become hard to read or loose, please notify the RRCC Library immediately. You will need to return the device so that new tags may be attached.

Software Configuration:

  • The software configuration present on your assigned device was selected with your performance in mind.
  • DO NOT INSTALL software or change the configuration at any time-including adding, changing, or deleting administrator log ins, changing the operating system, installing personal software or making any other changes.

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